Grahl Trafic Schools tips on how to get your Norwegian drivers license


Obtaining a car drivers license in Norway is a time-consuming process. There are a lot of different requirements for individuals from different age groups and nationalities. For all matters related to driving licenses http://www.vegvesen.no/is the official website of Norway’s road administration.

Step 1: Register yourself as an applicant

Fill the application form online (http://www.vegvesen.no/) using your national ID number or by sending in filled hard copy of application form to the nearest traffic station (Statens Vegvesen).

Link to online application

After you register your application, the police performs a background check to ensure you are eligible for this license. A reference number is provided to your application via email immediately after submit the online application. You can log in to Statens Vegvesen’s website to check the status of your application using your national ID number. The police verification is valid for 6 months, before which you need to start with step 2or step 3.

Step 2: Buy or loan the theory book

The road to your driving licenseand read it entirely from start to finish is one option. You will also find copies of this book in the kommune library in the city you live. (community library) This step can be quite a struggle for people who despise reading theory books, but it is a very well written book to learn how a cars function and what is required to be a good driver in Norway.

Once you have finished reading the book it is time to practice theory questions by either buying a second workbook, which can also be purchased or loaned from the nearest kommune library. This book covers basic questions that you will be answering in the theory exam.


Register and buy access to theory questions at https://teoritentamen.no. This website provides a huge collection of theory questions. The questions are objective type questions and highly resemble the questions asked in the theory exam. They have online access as well as an app on which you can practice. You chose the package you like (one day, one week, monthly access pass)

The theory exam is drop-in exam, meaning you just have to go to the traffic station in your city, register yourself for the test, and write it on the same day. All you need to write the theory exam is your identity card (Norwegian 11 digit number or Norwegian bank card with photo or your passport) and successful validated online application.

When you pass the theory test, the test supervisor will give you a printout of your mark sheet and further processing information. The test results are valid for 3 years from the passed date.

Theory exam as of today contains 45 questions, you are allowed 7 mistakes i.e. 38/45 to pass the test.

Step 3: Contact us!

Contact us and one of the instructors will assess your current driving skills. Hence, we will normally ask you to register for an assessment class where you drive for 45 or 90 minutes and we assess the amount of training required to prepare you for the practical driving test.

The whole process of obtaining a license is based on approval from us; the driving instructor has authority to sign-off at the end of each stage. If he feels that you have not gained enough skills, they can ask you to take extra courses or ask you to practice with your friends who have a car and are over 25 years. (See below for private driving rules)

All the mandatory courses and theory exams need be completed before taking a practical test. However, one can choose to take the theory test during any of the four stages as illustrated below.

The mandatory course requirements are different for adults below the age of 25 and above the age of 25. The below table shows the difference.