Grahl Trafikkskoles (Grahl Traffic Schools) objective is to make sure the students should have a good, safe and professional education, according to modern teaching principles. We focus on the students to make sure they feel comfortable and safe in traffic. Therefore, we adapt the individual and set up the vehicle after the first time in relation to work / school. We pick up and bring to the agreed pick-up point. You do not have to come to our office to start the vehicle. Through “Tabs Student”, the students get to keep track of hours, training plan, payments and receive SMS notifications. Our driving instructors have gained experience and are well known in the Bergen area. We meet the requirements for running a driving school and all driving instructors have solid educational training. As a member of ATL, we ensure a high professional level of our traffic instructors, good routines and safety in following the laws and regulations. Grahl Traffic School is approved by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and a member of the Authorized Traffic Schools National Association (ATL). The compulsory training consists of 2 tutorials, safety course on the track (smooth driving) and safety course on the road (long driving). This amounts to a total of 19 hours.

Through “Tabs Student” the students have access to your schedule of driving lessons, your educational schedule, payments and sms-messages.