Basic Traffic Course

Before you can start with your driving practice, you´ll must complete the Basic Traffic Course. This does not apply for students with a license for scooter or license for light motorcycle. For student over 25 years you will only need the First Aid Course and Night Driving Course. 

Basic Traffic Course – duration 17 hours


  • Basic theory
  • Human in traffic
  • Driving practice requirements
  • First Aid/action on traffic accidents
  • Night driving (only in the darkest months)

You will be send a proof of Theory Course from the traffic station when you have complete the entire course.

You must bring the Proof when practicing driving in addition to a valid ID. Førerkortsentralen has new basic driving courses on a regular basis.

TABS Student 

TABS Student gives the students full control of their education via your Smart Phone.

• Your personal Drivers Lesson Schedule

• Booking and Payments

• Message directly with your driving instructor

• Your payment overview


Gives educational support with the digital platform where students can access training at any time.

 • Digital tool used in the theoretical education.

• Theoritical and practical integration

• Makes the students prepare for the theory and can do repetition when needed.

• Access to the students training database and the students skill progress  

• Easily communication between the instructor and student.

• Integrated with the educational mandatory training